Tarpon Springs - Florida

A favorite for many winter visitors. Excellent seafood, greek food & pastries make this a stop for many. The area near the boating facilities is very touristy, with many shops providing unique gifts to bring home, however it does have it`s charm, as shrimp & sponge boats continue to use the harbors. We have been there several times and have always had a reason to return.

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Tarpon Springs - Florida

The Story behind the picture
Fishing boats of all kinds, however, the sponge industry is the major employer. Many of the boats have a common reminder of past movie scenes that have a greek past.

John`s Comments
Always a favorite for the winter crowd. Great Greek restaurants and pastries. Several super seafood restaurants but the historical sponge center of North America is what brings the tourist in. Makes for an enjoyable afternoon of strolling, window shopping and watching the boats in the harbor.

John`s Recollections
Cannot count the times I have returned to sample the shrimp plates or the fantastic greek pastries at one of the local restaurants. A favorite tourist stop for many to search for a souvenir to bring home or to sample food at the greek restaurants. Fishing boats or statues continue to show the history of this sponge capital of North America. Have been there many times, and with each visit there always appears to be something I missed before. Shopping is a major item with many souvenir shops where prices seem lower than most. Likely the competition. The Greek restaurants are well visited along with the pastry shops. Several displays are set up on the sponge divers along with excursions on boats to the diving areas.

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