Brooker Creek Preserve - Tarpon Springs, Florida

An inland preserve area that preserves part of Floridas` past. Excellent walking trails thru wetlands, where the chances of seeing wildlife are good. Several times that I have been there wild deers crossed the path. Startled me more than them I expect. Because of the length of the trails, ( miles ), bicycles may be met on the path at times. Also Found that standing water on the paths after heavy rainstorms caused detours off the path through wooded area.

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Brooker Creek Preserve, Tarpon Springs - Florida

The Story behind the picture
Great natural park that is made for walking/biking to view nature, interpretative centers, or even some of the deer that roam the grounds.

John`s Comments
Actually saw deer several times but mostly wet grounds with Florida type vegatation. Limited people when traversing the grounds.

John`s Recollections
Spent a good part of the day here, as biking trails were relatively flat. There were sections where recent rains required a brief detour, but it was an enjoyable trip overall. Felt like you were in the middle of nowhere, however Tarpon Springs and Clearwater were nearby.

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