New Orleans - Louisianna

Remember the hurricanes, however Fun & Food is still a major part of this very festive area. Twice visited, twice smitten with a most enjoyable time. It is the mingling with the people, the who cares attitude and the music that never seems to die that will continue to draw you back. BUT, do take care of yourself as it is not always the place to be.

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New Orleans - Louisianna

The Story behind the picture
Party time and I do mean party time for all that have that inclination. The city that never dies and has seen so many recent hardships.

John`s Comments
Exciting lifestyle but one always has their hands in their pockets. The only place on our travels where a crime was attempted.

John`s Recollections
Even though the life style seems a bit on the wild side, I have not been able to stop visiting when in the area. The history, and the atmosphere always draws you back to visit once again.

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