Miraflores Locks ( Panama Canal ) - Country of Panama

The locks at Miraflores are quite large. There is an excellent viewing area at the restaurant location that allows one to see the massive ships enter and depart the locks. We actually did use the restaurant, viewed the massive ships as they passed through the locks and were overall quite impressed. Time spent was 2-3 hours but that included lunch. View our video clip.

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Miraflores Locks (Panama Canal) - Panama

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John`s Comments
The Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal have 2 of the six locks that are used in the crossing from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans. Here the viewing area is excellent and they even have an excellent restaurant where one can eat while watching the ships go thru the locks. The Panama Canal travels approximately 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and operates at over 90% of its` capacity. Our visit included the passage of a container ship that came within inches of both sides of the Panama Canal itself.
Expansion of the Panama Canal is now complete, making way for huge new container ships that can carry twice as much cargo.

John`s Recollections
If you visit Panama you must go to the locks. Miraflores Locks provide an opportunity to see the canal from a restaurant view. We chose that and had an excellent meal while watching the ocean vessels move thru the locks. The mini train system actually pull the large ocean going vessels thru, which in itself is quite interesting. The ships come quite close to the canal walls and at these locks an additional canal will be built to accommodate the newer larger ships. The area is close enough to Panama City so taking a taxi is OK, as long as you get a price before going.

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