Dunedin Downtown - Florida

Dunedin, downtown. You can walk around it in 15-30 minutes yet there is so much to do. A real small town atmosphere, where one can feel at home very easily. Shopping is generally in small stores carrying unique products or antique stores displaying articles of yesterday. Restaurants are plentiful with varying menus that will satisfy all. I just found it to be the right size, being able to spend an afternoon, walk the trails beside the Intercoastal waterway, see the fisherman at the local wharf, or buy some local produce during the winter Friday markets.

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Downtown, Dunedin - Florida

The Story behind the picture
From here you can easily walk down to the pier beside the marina, watch as fishermen try to catch a meal, view the pelicans as they swoop in to the dock rails, or even go next door to the Best Western for a drink or meal. Going in other directions, it`s just many more restaurants, antique shops, bicycle trails, art displays and a very encouraging downtown area that caters to the many visitors. To me, it has become that town that many wish they would want to make home.

John`s Comments
Now here is a place where you can walk around in half an hour, but more than likely you will spend half a day. Great restaurants and shops to browse in.My favorite town in Florida and one where you wish that you were raised in.
Easy walking distance to all activities with many of them very active during the winter months. This creates a festive downtown that has many come back to visit. Excellent restaurants and shops bring visitors in from the Tampa area and beyond.

John`s Recollections
Here is just a very interesting small town that makes you want to return to. Always appears to have something going on during the winter months and the size of the town (downtown area) makes it easy to walk around. Unique stores for window shopping, or browsing, or purchasing those items that one must have. Several good restaurants to satisfy the appetites and also town parks to sit on a bench and take life at a leisurely pace. I particularly like to walk down some of the side streets to see the buildings from previous time periods. Homes on the intercoastal ( Victoria Drive ) with the tall trees are exceptionally scenic.

Take a drive on Main Street for more Dunedin delights

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