Noriegas` Home - Panama City, Country of Panama

The home of Manuel Noriega today is definitely in a major stage of disrepair. Fortunately a private tour allowed entry to see how this leader once lived in his home town of Panama City. The tour did require walking through many small openings with debris scattered about, likely from the original occupation by US forces years ago. Amazingly the home appeared to be in the same state as it was during that period of time with no apparent looting noted.

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Noriega`s Home/Grounds - Panama City, Panama

The Story behind the picture

John`s Comments
Manuel Noriega was born February 11, 1938 and was the former military leader of Panama. He resided in Panama City and was at one time a very strong ally of the United States. By the late 1980`s relations had turned extremely tense between Noriega and the United States government, and in 1989 the general was overthrown and captured by the U.S. He was taken to the United States, tried for drug trafficking, and imprisoned in 1992 until his extradition to Europe.

John`s Recollections
This unusual visit for us was only being in the right place at the right time. Trying to peek thru the gates and get some pictures of the Noriega placque outside, caused the POLICE to drop by. After a brief conversation we were invited in to visit the locked up home. It was still in a total state of disrepair, but with climbing over broken stairs and thru obstructed doorways we were able to see how the man Noriega lived when he was so powerful. One could not help but compare this home to his current. Must admit being a bit shocked to see it in such a state but still the inside of the structure was still not touched.

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