Flagler Beach - Florida

On the Atlantic coastline in northern Florida, this beach is a bit more laid back and retains some historic charm. We really are beach people and love to see the waters and waves as they come in. Here there is not a multitude of people, yet the beach is one of the area`s finest. As we await to see where the next hurricane will land, it is still quite possible to see an area where population has not taken over the scenery.

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Flagler Beach - Florida

The Story behind the picture
  Could not resist taking a break while driving to St. Augustine from wintering in Clearwater, Florida. The beach (happens to be our favorite item) beckoned us in to have a look see.

John`s Comments
The drive towards St. Augustine along the Atlantic coastline is quite scenic. Stopping at Flagler beach, to walk in the sand by the ocean is one of the reasons why there are so many tourists visiting Florida. The waves and the sand here are above average and the hour walk made for a very enjoyable pit stop along the way

John`s Recollections
The coast road (Hwy 1) on our way to Saint Augustine is alongside the Atlantac in this area. The beach and the waves beckoned us to the point where dipping our toes in the water and taking a walk on the beach were more important than another hour in a favorite location (Savannah).

John`s Personal Views
Just had to stop as the highway goes right along the beach. The sand is deep and the water was warm. Made for a very enjoyable two hours and if we had of had the time, likely would of spent an hour or two having lunch at one of the roadside restaraunts that overlooked the beach.
Actually we have returned several times and have had that lunch.

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