Miami South Beach - Florida

A southern playground. An entertainment district like no other, with a beautiful beach on one side. People watching is a prime activity together with some great restaurants. Also don`t forget the cars, as there are many from past years, either driving by or parked on the side. Night life is an important feature as the area opens up with restaurants being a prime activity along with many live entertainment groups.

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The Story behind the picture
This drive is exceptional, yet it can be quite dangerous, as one is constantly looking from one side to the other. Be careful, as it can be quite easy for accidents to occur.

John`s Comments
For the visitor, this is the place in Miami to come to, for the locals it is just "THE" in place in Florida. Spending an afternoon or even the evening on this street, one just never knows what will show up. From seeing the most current automotive products, to people watching, is worth the visit, but the nightlife and the restaurants are a touch above most other locations.

John`s Recollections
Another one of those places that we continue to return and return and return to. Can`t wait for that next visit as there is always something new that we have not seen before. First visit (1968), last visit (2016) with many in between.

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