Saint Augustine - Florida

Will always be a favorite, as it has so many "cool" things to do. Walk the narrow streets, visit the fort, shop in exquisite stores, see the lighthouse. When we visit ( actually quite often ) some of our favorites are the artisan village, a unique cat shop ( wife`s preference ) and of course eating lunch or dinner at one of many fine restaurants. The fort and small width streets provide a real perspective in how life was lived 500 years ago. Plan on spending a day or two.

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St Augustine - Florida

The Story behind the picture

  Really believe that for me, this location was instrumental in my enjoying our historical past. How could people live where streets are so narrow that you would almost have to bump into your neighbor? Well for us, we have bumped into many others over the many times we have visited the area. History is part of our life and we now do not hesitate in viewing the past, as this picture so aptly portrays.

John`s Comments
Does not require more than a day or two to visit (including a tour of Castillo de San Marcos) and the narrow streets (no motorized vehicles allowed) make you feel you are walking on a wide sidewalk. More unique shops compared to many tourist locations make for a slow leisurely stroll with many opportunities to stop for lunch or dinner. Would recommend spending an evening in the area if at all possible.

John`s Recollections
Another one of those places that we continue to return and return and return to. Can`t wait for that next visit as there is always something new that we have not seen before. The video clip has been updated to provide better quality picture.

John`s Personal Views
I like historic St. Augustine and consider it to be one of my favorite places to visit. The shopping experience is unique as you can literally walk across the street in a few steps and many stores never seem to wider than 20-30 feet. I definitely know that Kathy loves it, as we have always brought something back that is different than most tourism locations. Also when your feet begin to ache, there is always a pub where you can sit back, relax and listen to some great music.

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