Beaches of Mazatlan - Mexico

Terrific beach to lay back, wander into the surf, listen to the wandering marachi bands or buy the many products tendered by beach vendors. We love the beach as mentioned previously but this one seemed to have more activity than most. Beach vendors trying to sell their wares every 10-15 minutes provided interesting moments to get out of the sun, plus the waves were very consistent and you were able to go out 50 feet, sit down, and let them wash over you.

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Beach, Mazatlan - Mexico

The Story behind the picture
Vendors did ply their trade, but unless requested, did not bother most anyone. Actually they did add to the beach activities.

John`s Comments
Picture perfect beaches at Mazatlan bring in the tourists from the northern States and Canada during their winter months. Actually quite pleased as to both the value and surroundings.

John`s Recollections
Many a day the trip was made to travel the two blocks from our accommodation complex to rest, sunbathe and play at the beach area. There were vendors selling goods on the beach, however not in overbearing numbers and as time went on they became part of the beach scene and rarely bothered us, unless we were the initiators. The ocean waves were constant, but not that large, just about right for taking that dip and have them splash over you. One thing that really impressed me, was that after a few visits the waiter began to bring down the table and chairs to the ocean so that we could dip our feet in the water. Oh, forgot to say that the drinks arrived also.

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