El Faro Lighthouse - Mazatlan, Mexico

The climb up to the lighthouse is rather strenuous however when there the views of the city and countryside are great. The trail is not wheelchair accessible and really one should make sure you are able to climb the many steps to the top of a small hill. View before you try the climb. If you attempt the trip and make it to the top, a fantastic view of the city is there, where the ocean port of Mazatlan is seen with Cruise vessels.

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El Fero Lighthouse, Mazatlan - Mexico

The Story behind the picture

This picture was taken on the way down and very vividly shows the path taken. Here there is a barricade, however in some spots they were missing.

John`s Comments
Climbing to the top to see "El Faro" is a strenuous task, however when there the views are just terrific. Just the trip up & down is an experience that one does not forget. The pathway is quite rough and times seems a little dangerous. The walk should NOT be taken by those that are not physically capable.

John`s Recollections
Bit of a climb but the view was worth it. One should be aware that the trail up & down the mountain does not always have a barricade and as you can see from the video clip that it is not that great to begin with. The views however are terrific, you can see the cruise ships from California docked in the harbor, the Sierra Madre mountain range in the background and also the pollution in the air, all of which were not noticable at our beach location. Lighthouse is quite basic (also NO snacks) but the view was priceless.

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