St. Petersburg Downtown - Florida

Much to do and see. From the wharf to the many parks along the waterfront, to the restaurants, museums and shopping close by it provides most with a good experience. We have spent several days here, relaxing on a small beach and walking the trails on the waterfront parks. The wharf is an experience itself, as it contains many tourism sites with a restaurant on the top that one can overlook Tampa Bay.

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Downtown, St Petersburg - Florida

The Story behind the picture

   Well, not really! The picture is outdated and the pier as shown is not there anymore. There are also several additional high-rises. It still is however, a great place to visit

John`s Update.
Pier or Inverted pyramid is now in the process of being torn down and replaced in the near future.

John`s Recollections
Not on the Beach (actually on Tampa Bay), however it is just a great place to go. Many activities, and a downtown area that most cities could be proud of. Visitors to the area can enjoy dining as well as the great surrounding scenery where water views from the excellent park system are above average. Museums and Art/Entertainment venues are top notch.

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