Amador Causeway - Country of Panama

The Amador Causeway was built from Panama Canal tailings that were used to link several small islands together. Impressive walking paths allow one to view the ships as they enter or leave the canal. Several modern restaurants and shopping facilities allow you the opportunity to spend time on the causeway itself. Also at the far end of the causeway by the marina is a duty free shop that has good quality products.

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Amador Causeway - Panama City. Panama

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John`s Comments
The Amador Causeway in addition to the amazing views, hosts restaurants fancy and simple, nightlife spots, small shopping centers, bicycle rentals, a yacht marina, jogging paths and a Canal-side hotel. Spend a casual afternoon and stroll the causeway. There is duty free shopping at the marina and many restaurants to tempt your taste buds. Ships can be seen entering the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean and there are many smaller craft awaiting transit times for the passage.

John`s Recollections
You can walk the paths, browse thru the stores, visit the marina with it`s duty free shopping, or just stop at one of many restaurants along the pathway. We usually took a taxi to the Aquarium and then walked by the canal to the marina. Walkway is well kept up and there are many areas to stop and view the ships entering or exiting the canal. Many sailboats in the area are awaiting transit times and the marina has yachts of all shapes and sizes. This is just a pleasant area to go to for a day out.

There has been considerable development along the causeway and edges of the islands, including port facilities, marinas, shopping, and restaurants. Away from their perimeters, the hilly islands still contain isolated maritime jungle, though they are threatened by continued development.

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