Gamboa Resort - Country of Panama

Gamboa Resort is located in the midst of a lush rainforest in Panama. Along with excellent accommodation & grounds, it provides its` own ariel tramway, boating & fishing services and even a monkey island. The closeness to the Panama Canal is an added benefit. This was our most expensive side trip while spending the winter there, but it was also a very special place where memories will remain for years. Video clips give a good portrayal but not everything was seen.

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Gamboa Resort - Panama

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John`s Comments
Gamboa Rain Forest Resort is a luxury destination resort located on the Panama Canal, in the heart of the lush Panamanian rain forest. The resort has been carefully designed to provide a variety of educational and adventure experiences. Exploring the rain forest has never been easier, since all attractions and most of the tours are found on the property, or only minutes away from your doorstep.

John`s Recollections
Actually this was a bit out of our normal accommodation range but being here it became a desire to see and experience everything possible. The location provides a multitude of nature excursions, most being in the 2-4 hour time commitments. A good variety that should satisfy all. Lodging is superb, with our only recommendation to book in the hotel rooms near the dining areas as there are buildings that are removed that do not quite provide the same experience.

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