Punta Chame - Country of Panama

Punta Chame is a very remote village in Panama and the roads ( at time of our visit ) were very poor. Drive with extreme caution. It does however have an excellent white sand beach and for the hardy who make the trip wind / kite surfing is a major attraction. It is also the entry point for those that wish to visit "John Wayne`s Island". Although the drive is a nightmare, I will always remember having that cool drink at the local bar.

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Punta Chame - Panama

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John`s Comments
Punta Chame is great for wind kiting certain months of the year. Miles of lovely white sand with uncrowded beaches to play on. Be aware however that the road to Punta Chame was not in that great of shape ( February 2006). Other than the one hotel where we had an excellent lunch there are very few business entities. This is an area where fishing is still the main industry and population is minimal. The road leading into Punta Chame is the main detriment to expansion, but there is talk of an update and with that the area will expand as it is the closest good beach to Panama City. Another point to consider is that this is the point where one departs to explore "John Wayne`s Island" which can be seen from a small motel & restaurant.

John`s Recollections
With several friends we met at our lodging in Panama City and then set out for an adventure that still remains a highlight. The beach at Punta Chame did not appear that far away but as we travelled off of the Expressway the road continued to get worse. In fact it was almost impassable from my standards. Continuing on ( with prodding from others ) we finally reached our destination and were rewarded by being able to have a cool drink in a bar ( actually there were some table and chairs that were constructed like no others that I have ever seen. Be sure to watch the video clip. ) and a great lunch at an ocean beach restaurant where one could view wind surfing. The beach was absolutely fabulous, lots of it, white sand, very few people and in spots driftwood was readily available.

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