White Sands Desert - New Mexico

The Sahara desert is known by all, yet America has one of its` own deserts. The White Sands Desert, when in the park confines, appears to go on forever, and has sandstorms that mimic known major deserts. When visiting the parking lots and walking to the top of one of the small sand hills, your view is one of sand everywhere. You cannot escape that Lawrence of Arabia feeling, and are looking for camels to appear in the horizon.

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White Sands Desert - New Mexico

The Story behind the picture
When one is the middle of this desert it gives one the feeling of never ending. You continue to keep looking for Lawrence of Arabia.

John`s Comments

Comparisons to what one sees in movie theaters is always in your mind, but really I personally would not wish to live here.
Seeing this helps to understand why water is so important in our life.

John`s Recollections

Not much to see but sand, but for North America it really is not a normal site. When you are standing in the center of this
desert, it seems quite similar to what you visualize the Sahara to be like.

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