Aztec Ruins - New Mexico

Not over a large area, yet the round house is quite different compared to most ruins during this time. Having traveled thru these south-western states several times you are constantly reminded of past native life and you will be amazed at some of the unique building structures.

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Aztec Ruins - New Mexico

The Story behind the picture
The architecture of the round house shows very aptly that even then, man was starting to build with eyes to the future.

John`s Comments

History does provide a great view as to how man has evolved, yet this site also indicates that even centuries prior civilizations
were adapting to improve their lifestyles.

John`s Recollections

A bit strange seeing these buildings and grounds in a very remote area. Many of these historic sites always seem to impress me as
to the how they were constructed and able to survive for so many years. The round house served as a meeting place for the town inhabitants.

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