Sky City ( Acoma ), New Mexico

The southern states, have many types of historic ruins, but here the village is located high on rocky bluffs that provided the citizens with a natural fortress from their enemies. Remarkably some natives still live in the dwellings which seem to be quite habitable. Pay particular attention to the church building and the method of cooking.

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Sky City ( Acoma ) - New Mexico

The Story behind the picture
Actually a small village sitting on top of rock type hill in New Mexico. This hill however, has a easily fortified rock perimeter that provided security to the native inhabitants many years ago. Still used today.

John`s Comments

One site that is from past centuries is still actually being used by native tribes today. This is quite rare, yet the introduction of motor
vehicles will likely cause life to change.

John`s Recollections

One can see how tribes maintained a long history. A very interesting stop. The climb down required that footings were seen before putting
your weight on the rock ledges, but it did add to the experience of seeing how this tribe lived during those days. While the village is
still occupied today much of the past has been retained and is still in use, such as the early buildings and church.

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