Four Corners - New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona

Memorial dedicated to the only meeting point for four states. Surrounding booths are staffed by tribes displaying and selling native handicrafts of all four States. The drive thru New Mexico to reach the Four Corners memorial passes by many scenes used in the making of western movies, including Shiprock Pinnacle. In a non-populated area so give yourself time to reach a final destination prior to nightfall.

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Four Corners - Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico

The Story behind the picture
All four corners were represented by native tribes who sold goods celebrating their historical past.

John`s Comments

Found it quite interesting to view each quadrant specifically and note the different rock formations of each state. There is a noticable
difference that he had encountered during this mid west trip that spanned all four states. Colorado had the Rocky Mountains, Utah the
Sandstone formations where water had eroded and created wondrous formations, Arizona where erosion had created mountain Pinnacles
and the Grand Canyon and finally New Mexico with great sand dunes and butte formations.

John`s Recollections

Being able to straddle the four corners and view the surrounding sites is quite a feat. What did impress me the most though, was how in
each of the four corners the various Indian tribes had set up their different products for sale. The surrounding area provides many of the
background pictures used in movie scenes of the wild west frontier.

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