Pinellas Bike Trail - Clearwater/Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Florida

Well used biking/walking path stretching from Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg. Major intersections have overhead bridges to accommodate usage. Rarely have I used this trail without having someone in my sight. It is quite flat except for major road crossing where bridges have been built to allow bikers and walkers a continuous path.

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Pinellas Trail - Florida

The Story behind the picture
The trail itself stretches many more miles than just this section from Dunedin to Clearwater. It is easy biking or walking and major roads have overpasses that allow one not to have to deal with the heavy traffic.

John`s Comments
Like this trail as it makes it easy to get around to some of the smaller towns or locations in the area. Also pit stops are readily available for refreshments or a light lunch. Not that difficult and at most times you have other bikers nearby if needed.

John`s Review
This bike / walking trail is one of the best maintained in Florida and stretches from the bottom of St. Pete's to Tarpon Springs (a distance of over 40 miles). The area here is from Dunedin to Clearwater and it passes many landmarks along the way.
One of the easiest bicycle or walking trails around, yet it is still pleasurable as at times it crosses streams and even comes close to the intercoastal waterway. Mileage can be anywhere from a mile to fourty and that is not even taking into account the return journey. Many locations on or near the trail where you can stop and rest, grab a bite to eat or have a cool drink. Most major street crossing have bridges built over them so automobile traffic is limited. Even though it is quite flat, I have enjoyed the trip many, many times.

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