Honeymoon & Caladesi Islands - Dunedin, Florida

Great island State park with excellent walking trail to see many of the ospreys making their homes in the tall pine trees. Restored beach area at Honeymoon island has greatly increased attendance. Caladesi Island has been voted best beach many times. Access is limited at most times to a ferry crossing at Honeymoon Island.

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Honeymoon/Caladesi Islands - Florida

The Story behind the picture
Was able to get some pictures at west end of Honeymoon park on of their nature trails.

John`s Comments
Now here is a nature trip that may be unusual. Take the walking trail at the north end of the park and you may be fortunate enough to view the Ospreys as they are nesting. High in the Pine trees that appear to be almost at a stage of toppling the Ospreys have built their nests. This walking trail also goes alongside the Island and views are excellent for the Gulf of Mexico. The beach has been refurbished on Honeymoon Island and is now one of the favorites in the area.

John`s Recollections
Not just great beaches here ( but they are some of the best in the area ). Caladesi Island is always rated as one of the best in America, but you do have to take a ferry over ( nominal fee charged ) and that is after you enter the park itself. One of the great things on Honeymoon Island is seeing the Ospreys in the high nests at the far end of the island. Quite an interesting walk for most as it takes you by the gulf waters also.

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