Clearwater Beach - Florida

Excellent white sand beach on the Gulf of mexico. Well used by vacationers and area residents as well. Many new resorts & condominiums, either on the beach or across the street. Close to all beach activities. This is the place where vacationers abound and enjoy the sun, sand, and Gulf of Mexico waters. Many favorite restaurants on the beach however I still recommend the Palm Pavilion if you are in the area, or maybe Frenchy`s, or maybe even Jimmy Iguana's.

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Clearwater Beach - Clearwater Beach, Florida

The Story behind the picture
A picture is worth a thousand words, and what makes this one even better is to be able to sit in an open bar/restaurant and take the picture. Thanks to the Palm Pavilion Restaurant for making life easy.

John`s Comments
Clearwater Beach, one of the finest white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

John`s Recollections
One of Florida`s great beaches. White soft sand with a recently installed beach walkway separating the beach from the hotels and business areas that is quite comparable to the Fort Lauderdale beachfront. I actually like this area more as it seems more in tune with the general public with still many business establishments on the beach and not requiring one to cross a road.

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