South Padre Island - Texas

A favorite of many snowbirds during the winter months, and during the summer months many come from Northern Texas to partake in the beach activities. Close to the Mexican border for frequent shopping excursions. South Padre Island is just a narrow slit of land off the Texas coastline where development has blossomed into a flourishing vacation destination.

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South Padre Island - Texas

The Story behind the picture
Party atmosphere for a few days with even a visit to Mexico thrown in.

John`s Comments
South Padre Island is busy during the winter snowbird season as seniors travel to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Having Mexico as a next door neighbor also provides an interesting diversion. This is also a well attended summer location for summer breaks for those that are looking for ocean beaches.

John`s Recollections
South Padre Island has many beaches and the hospitality of the local population is noted for their friendly atmosphere. There are also some very large Texas size steaks and shrimps from the Gulf of Mexico. Both were sampled several times. South Padre accommodation was at that time a place to rest several days, prior to completing our baseball visits to the original 26 major league baseball teams, at the Houston Astros ballpark.

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