Wawa - Ontario

Wawa, Ontario is in the far reaches of Northern Ontario. It is home to one of Canada`s most distinctive roadside stops, where a proud Canada Goose is displayed alongside carvings of the Gitchee Gommi totem poles.  

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Canada Goose - Wawa, Ontario

The Story behind the picture

With a very sparse population this stop provides a restpoint to view and observe how early life was lived in a remote area.  With Lake Superior nearby there many exceptional scenic qualities.
John`s Comments
The Canada Goose stands out above all and welcomes all.
Michipicoten River basin provides an abundance of Northern Ontario`s natural scenic sights including a small river entering the Michipicoten as well as the Wawa Beach on Lake Superior.

John`s Recollections
This area really does show how scenic the country can be, yet it is a good reminder of how large it is, with such a small population.
The number of trees in an acre of land can equal the population of hundreds of square miles in this part of Ontario. Lately as resource industries continue to lose their profit potential, there is also a corresponding drop in population.

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