Ream Wilson Bicycle Trail - Safety Harbor, FL

Man constructed trail in the midst of major city developments shows that it is not necessary to leave things the way they were. Trail was built linking extensive park systems in the area making it quite enjoyable to use.

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Ream Wilson Bicycle Trail - Safety Harbor, FL

The Story behind the picture

   Fortunately I still like to use a bicycle to visit and explore new areas. This trail was one where the length is not too long, yet provided scenic stops where one could rest those weary bones. The stop in Safety Harbor (shown here) allows you to visit their pier and walk hundreds of feet out into Tampa Bay.
Actually it has been taken many times from Clearwater to Safety Harbour and back with most often a lunch break at one of the many eating establishments.

   John`s Review
A very enjoyable bike or walk in the midst of two cities through a park system that link with each other. Very relaxing trip viewing nature. Quite easy to travel north of Safety Harbor either walking or biking to one of the areas best parks ( Philippe Park ).

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