Caddy`s - St. Petersburg, Florida

Not all activities are for the snowbirds. Here is one place that caters to the younger crowd or those that still think they are young. Numerous beach activities with a very welcome beach atmosphere make Caddy`s one of the favorites for younger locals and tourists. Also the food while made for the younger crowd, is also quite passable.

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Caddy`s - St. Petersburg, Florida

The Story behind the picture

   Mother always told me "Watch the kids". Now I really do know why! This little excursion was pleasurable to the eyes and a great lesson in what our youngsters enjoy. Much more active than ourselves and all with the thoughts of enjoying themselves to the fullest.

John`s Comments
Just had to go as it is well advertised to the local crowd. Was not disappointed as the food was adequate, liquor quite reasonable and the views were always pleasing to the eye.   

John`s Recollections
Location is quite the hot spot for the beach party goers, and many of the visitors are local. Tourists are more in the younger variety, however there are those that visit of all ages, and the food is reasonable.   

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