Mammoth Cave - Kentucky

Little bit dark when you get under, but you pass by underground streams and view artifacts that visitors left years before. Could be a bit strenuous for many as sometimes you have little lighting, you must squeeze thru cracks in the rock structures, and there is movement up and down. On the way back to the entrance there is a major climb, with many, many stairs

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Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

The Story behind the picture
Picture taken on stair climb. Although illumination was not perfect, it resembled climbing up stairs in a wide shaft.

John`s Comments
Took 2-4 hours to view this natural attraction, but that included sites on top, and a climb down the cave system to a river entrance below. The climb up the stairs to see the blue sky once again must be at least a hundred feet, but the experience was well worth it.

John`s Recollections
Not one that likes the underground but this cave system is quite entertaining as you have to be more nimble to crawl thru the cracks and view underground river system and then climb up many stairs to again surface on the hillside.

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