The Arch at St. Louis - Missouri

Quite the site to see, but take that extra time and visit the observation area at the top of the arch. To reach the top where you can see the Mississippi river with the paddle boats and the St. Louis Baseball & Football stadiums you must take a tramway that runs inside the arch structure. The views are just super as the city and river are very noticable. Underground at the main level there is also the Museum of Westward Expansion that displays many of animals and station wagons used in that day.

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Arch - St. Louis, Missouri

The Story behind the picture
As advertised, this structure actually surpassed expectations.

John`s Comments
The view of the Arch from the outside is great, but if you have the chance take the inside trolley ride up to the top. What a tremendous view of the city and the Mississippi River with it`s Paddle Boats and commercial watercraft boats.

John`s Recollections
Most memorable was the view from the top of the arch. You could see the major sports buildings as well as all downtown locations. Unless one zoomed in the camera the paddle boats appeared as toys. There is just something about St Louis that draws me back, perhaps a reminder to the great sport teams, or maybe the Mississippi river flowing past on it`s way to New Orleans.

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