John`s Pass - Madeira Beach, Florida

A tourist haven along the Gulf coast. Great dockside facilities include many restaurants, shopping, gambling cruise departures and an intercoastal linkage to the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately as a snowbird we have been able to visit many times and our experiences have always been positive. For those that wish to sunbathe or walk the beach, then that is great also.

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John's Pass, Madeira Beach - Florida

The Story behind the picture
Spend most of one day watching the building of this sand castle. Impressed by the efforts of what is entailed to create it, and disappointed that several days later it was no longer there.

John`s Comments
A must visit for a visitor. Great beach, intercoastal waterway entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, and plenty of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.

John`s Recollections
Can`t count the number of times that we have visited Johns Pass. Each time is as good as the last time, and the boardwalk along the channel to the Gulf of Mexico, with the many restaurants, together with the smaller type shopping venues provide reasons to return. If you need a break from the shopping & restaurants, you just go across the street to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

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