Hollywood Beach, Florida

With only a boardwalk between you and the beach, this has become one of my favorites. Bars, restaurants and shopping give one a total beach experience within steps of each other. For snowbirds this is a great area, as surrounding accommodation is quite reasonable and entertainment is available free of charge most nights during the winter months. Many of the smaller family owned restaurants have reasonable charges and the bars usually overlook the boardwalk and beach.

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Hollywood Beach - Florida

The Story behind the picture

Hollywood Beach & The Boardwalk. Built in 1923, the Hollywood Broadwalk is over two-miles long, featuring a thirty-foot wide landmark pedestrian promenade that combines dramatic coastal views of Hollywood Beach with the nostalgic feel of a Main Street thoroughfare.
Boardwalk became my friend, not just for the Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.  There were many days when bicycling became a very good pastime,  or where walking helped to make up for so, so many delicious meals & drinks at the mostly French-Canadian restaurants along the Boardwalk.  Prior to walking home, it was quite easy to watch the entertainment at the Bandshell.

Near the Beach
------Click for Video Clip highlights of Giorgio`s Grille & Restaurant - 43 sec

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In the Area
------Click for Video Clip highlights of Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood Review - 45 sec

------Click for Video Clip highlights of Atlantic Sunrise - 1 min 23 sec

------Click for Video Clip highlights of Diplomat Resort - 38 sec

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John`s Comments
Now here is a place for the average person, great sightseeing, great beach, shopping and dining. More for a crowd that stays for a while but the comfortable level is for most. The "Boardwalk" or walkway (sometimes bikepath) is next to the beach, with many family orientated restaurants and smaller hotels right beside you. Half the fun here, is being able to watch the beach traffic, while you are grabbing a bite to eat or snack, or even enjoying a drink at an outside bar facility

John`s Recollections
A favorite of ours and for many others. We have walked or biked this boardwalk many times, with many stops along the way for lunch, dinner or drinks. Prices seem quite reasonable, and many of the snowbirds attend the daily functions at the entertainment pavilion beside the beach.

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