Mazatlan ( City Sights ) - Mexico

Although the standard of living is quite different than north of the border, we experienced totally the culture to it`s fullest. The old city does not have the new resorts, but our stay of a couple of days there allowed for an open air market experience ( with lunch and no bad experiences ), a trip to their lighthouse ( El Farro ), and a walk on the waterfront promenade to see the cliff divers. In the golden zone ( six week stay ) we had great restaurants, beaches, and parties around our hotel pool. A great winter vacation.

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City Sights, Mazatlan - Mexico

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John`s Comments
Mazatlan, Mexico, where some say it is Christmas every Day. I for one cannot disagree as the weather, the people, and the beaches are more than you can expect. Just a super place to spend the winter and economically it was quite good also.

John`s Recollections
From the hosts who provided a truly authentic mexican dinner to the beautiful beaches this was a superb snowbird winter vacation. Mazatlan has the Golden zone where most of the tourist crowd stays and the old city where historic buildings are the norm as well as the city market.
El Farro, the lighthouse is an unique visit as well as some of the buildings in the old city.

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