Sand Key Park - Clearwater Beach

Sand key park is a few miles from the Clearwater beachs` main tourism activities but here you can find excellent sunbathing and swimming in a more quiet area. For those that wish, bring your barbeque and have a great day out using the park`s facilities. It is a place where relaxing is the prime objective and you can have a family picnic after an afternoon bathing and sunning on a great beach.

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Sand Key Park - Clearwater Beach, Florida

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The entrance to the park from Gulf Boulevard does not portray it`s true value.

John`s Comments
County Park on the Gulf of Mexico. Great beach and grounds that will provide for all your needs other than food and drinks which are available at the nearby Sand Key Beach resort that adjoins the park. One may walk the beach to reach it.

John`s Recollections other
This park on the Gulf of Mexico is great for those that wish to concentrate on the sun, white sand beach, and gulf waters. Other than barbeque pits and picnic tables there are few other activities to disturb the peace and quiet of the beautiful beaches. Families seem to be the major occupants and it is enjoyed by many of the local population.

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