Clearwater Beach Activities - Florida

While the beach provides for swimming and sunbathing, others wish to partake in many of the activities in the surrounding area. Cruise the waterways while someone else prepares the dinner, or take out one of the boats in search of a porpoise or two, or charter a fishing boat. Pirate cruises and sea-doos are favorites for many. Many activities as well as the SUNSET shopping extravaganza on the pier.

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Activities - Clearwater Beach, Florida

The Story behind the picture

Every evening during the winter Sunset celebrations are held at the pier on Clearwater Beach. Artists portray their goods on the pier for the winter crowd.

John`s Comments
There is shopping, cruises for both the sunset and the dolphins, restaurants usually with a seafood flavor. Enough to satisfy most desires for those wishing to enjoy the beach, yet for me, the beach provides the major venue.

John`s Recollections
A large number of activities to partake in, yet they are separated from the beach area and are generally in one area. The sunset celebration at the Clearwater pier draws a good crowd and has numerous vendors or entertainment groups such as the fire-eaters and musical groups. Even on the beach at a few locations one is able to purchase spots for the parasail rides or rental time for skidoos.

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