Lake Superior - Harmony Beach, The Beach

Harmony Beach is a relatively small Hamlet located on Lake Superior some 25 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. A camping Resort with bar & restaurant is the only business location.  

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The Story behind the pictures
Although the beach waters of Lake Superior may seem cool to many the waters reach 70-80F during many occasions during the summer months and it is quite well attended each weekend by the local population from Sault St. Marie.

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John`s Comments
Beach is not really long in length, however it made for quick 20 minute jaunt, or a leisurely 40 walk with a stop or two along the way to view various activities like watercraft, geese, & swimmers that braved the cooler waters. Having road access for one leg of the trip where traffic was almost non-existant did help.   

John`s Recollections
What I remember most is I actually do miss it. It provided on warm days a place to sit and view Superior`s waters that always were different, it provided a remarkable spot to view the nightly sunsets and best of all it met my own personal requirement "life is a beach, with white sand and gentle waves".   
The bay`s smaller opening into the much larger Superior helped to create warmer waters and mitigated the strength of wave action.   

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