Santa Clara - Country of Panama

A very unique reststop, rarely travelled by tourists, has excellent beach & restaurant facilities and provides a great location to view Panamanians harvesting an early morning fish catch. This one night stop, followed by a quick visit to the Royal Decamaron Resort was just great. The beach area was very special, hardly a soul, yet just beautiful to walk by some of the homes along the beach. Hard to believe that there were so few business entities, as back home it would have been wall to wall business & resorts. Video clips provide a good review.

The Story behind the picture

Most people are in search of that dream location, where you can settle down, enjoy the environment and have that closeness to your desires. Well I think that this is mine! The people are friendly yet do not exhibit the traits of needing what you may have, the beach and ocean waters are more than what is necessary, food is plentiful and the weather is terrific. Sounds good doesn`t it, perhaps we need to return.   

John`s Comments
Santa Clara, Panama is just over an hour west of Panama City and you can drive to the beach off the Pan-American Highway (Expressway). Santa Clara for the tourist has some pleasant accommodations & restaurants but it is mainly the beautiful white-sand beach, and with not too many people. During the week, the only signs of life you may see are a few fishing boats. The road from the highway (4 miles) to the beach is quite driveable.

John`s Recollections
Would I return. Yes for sure, and likely for a few days longer. The beach & accommodation will provide that incentive, yet it was an early morning fish harvest that helped to remind one of how the country really is. THIS IS PANAMA , a country of beautiful scenery, beaches and people but it still at times has very basic values showing others that life can be lived without the frills.

The settlement is a small fishing village with tourist lodgings and Panamanians' weekend homes. It is located just off the Inter- American Highway, 11 km norhwest of the El Valle turnoff and 100 km northwest of Panama City. The closest town is the beach resort Farallon. Santa Clara`s stretch of white sand beach is relatively uncrowded, and there are more locals and fewer tourists in Santa Clara than at other nearby beaches.

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