Los Olas Boulevard - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Where the rich & famous come to shop and enjoy many of the great restaurants. Truth is there are many of us ordinary people that visit also as restaurants are plentiful and one can find something to fit anyone`s budget. When browsing thru one of the many shops items will be discovered that will forever remind you of your visit. People watching is however the main activity for many.

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Los Olas Boulevard - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Story behind the picture
    A shopping trip that brought forth many new sights as specialty stores were commonplace. Definitely not a mall experience. that

John`s Comments
Here is one of the most famous streets for shopping, dining and just plain looking around. Las Olas boulevard is known for its` great shopping especially by the more extravagant. One however, should not overlook the dining establishments as there are restaurants for all. It is however, quite the treat to sit back on a bench in the median grass area and just watch others as they go about their daily life.   

John`s Recollections
Could be a bit pricey for some, but the walk down the boulevard with a beautiful central separation area is a highlight for many. Stop in several of the shops that carry unique products. Much time will be spent on just people watching which is similar to the majority of others as they are watching you.   

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