Intercoastal Waterway - Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood, Florida

The area is fortunate to have a superb intercoastal waterway along much of the coastline. A great place to move your watercraft away from the Atlantic ocean waters. In many areas it is quite built up with restaurants or accommodation but there is also an extensive park system where you can sit down and view the so many types of watercraft. Actually besides looking for the different varieties of ocean life, looking at the yachts and cruisers with sunbathing patrons became the norm.

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Intercoastal Waterway - Hollywood, Florida

The Story behind the picture
    Picture portrays usage on a daily basis, parks and business location are on either side along with many homes.

John`s Comments
Calm waters with great restaurants to stop at. You can even enjoy eating at one of the fine restaurants and watching the boats go by. The intercoastal waterway is quite noticeable in the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood area, but stands out more in Hollywood. Here Alt-A1A the Intercoastal highway seems to run down the middle of the intercoastal islands with the Intercoastal waterway on one side and the Ocean on the other. At the same time business`, hotels, condominiums & parks seem to flourish next to the waters.   

John`s Recollections
This Intercoastal waterway in the Hollywood / Fort Lauderdale area is well used by all types of watercraft. Many parks alongside the waterway allow one to stop and picnic or if needed there are several restaurants that allow tie ups for stopping at their location.   

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