Charleston - South Carolina

Historic homes with an excellent park system alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Went out of our way to visit here but will return to see what we missed and even see some of the sites once again. A totally enjoyable walk through the historic area where homes were built to the period of that time. Very distinctive area that brought back memories of past movies. Waterfront area for the most part has a very well kept park that stretches for hundreds of yards.

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Charleston - North Carolina

The Story behind the picture

   Charleston is a great city with character. The historic area had this one building overlooking the Cooper river entrance and their park system, but there must of been something missing as he continued searching.

John`s Comments
Be prepared to spend an afternoon walking the streets, visiting the markets and many of the ocean side parks in this historic area that reminds you easily of the past. Buildings or homes are quite large and the area is close to the Atlantic Ocean where ships pass often within a mile from you. The market area is well attended and there are several eating & drinking establishments close by.

John`s Recollections
Here we go again. Stopped at another location that must be revisited. The buildings are quite distinctive and I was quite amused by the character looking out to the Atlantic in search for a wayward ship. Plan on more than half a day to visit, and if possible stay for a night or two and experience Charleston as it should be.

John`s Personal Views
I was most impressed by the park system and paths that were along the Atlantic Ocean. Rarely today is there a closeness over such a long distance. The buildings will bring back many memories of past movies, but being able to walk beside the Ocean for miles in parkland in such a historic city is rarely possible. In the historic area their ia a large marketplace & stalls. Also notice with large churches in the area.

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