Atlantic City - New Jersey

More than just casinos. The boardwalk which never seems to end together with oceanside beaches make for a very fitting addition to the many casinos. Boardwalk has many small vendors interspersed with entertainers. Quite easy to walk into one of many casinos or down to the beach. Many small eating establishments at either location that were reasonable in cost. Small one or two seat bicycle carriages are quite popular when travelling from one area to the other, but most seem to walk.

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Atlantic City - New Jersey

The Story behind the picture
    The boardwalk will be what you are expecting, even more. Non stop activity!

John`s Comments
Quite easy to walk thru one of the casino's to the boardwalk, however a bit more difficult to walk by the one armed bandits and not pull the lever. Have been there several times but this day had perfect weather and the boardwalk, shops, vendors and beach activities were all well attended. Made for a very pleasant walk and if one got tired push carts were available. The non-motorized boardwalk with its` many activities makes one wish that there were more similar type venues available.

John`s Recollections
We have been there several times, during the evenings it is the casinos & boardwalk that draws the crowds, during the day-time it is the beach & boardwalk. Wherever your pleasures lies, it is an exciting place to be. We ( Kathy & myself ) like it, even when neither are real gamblers. Stick to the boardwalk area when possible as when you get away from it, the picture changes.

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