A1A Coastal Highway - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Highway is adjacent to beach area and has been extensively modified to adapt to the surrounding conditions. This fun drive is over two miles long and is very hard on the neck as you are forever looking at one side or the other. The walkers and bathers on one side are contrasted by restaurants and business establishments on the other. Traffic moves slowly as the main reason to drive is to view what is available prior to parking and then partaking in the festivities along with the many others.

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A1A Drive - Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

The Story behind the picture
    Definitely a fun city, and at the beginning of one`s journey a drive on A1A along Fort Lauderdale Beach is a major highlight to what is yet to come.

John`s Comments
Beach and cars, but what a combination. A lot of traffic between the beach and the business area along the beach, but there are adequate crossings to support the beach crowd. Much effort has been made to impress the visitors and for those that can remember what cruising means, here is a place where it still occurs.   

John`s Recollections
Driving on A1A alongside Fort Lauderdale Beach is more than pleasurable. It is also hard on the neck, as one is looking at the business venues on one side while viewing the beach on the other. The city has done a great job on developing the beach sidewalk with many places to stop and let off passengers in search of their favorite location.   

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