Exuma Drive - Exuma, Bahamas Out Islands

This drive thru Exuma has many picture moments, with each area just a little different from the others. This drive which is likely less than a hundred miles took a whole day to complete with a multitude of stops along the way. In the northern portion the small islands and wharfs were followed up with a new resort and casino, all with excellent beaches. From Georgetown south it is more inland, but again beaches will always appear. A small motel along the way, with just an excellent snorkeling beach is my secret place to return to.

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Scenic Drive - Exuma, Bahamas

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John`s Comments
Like most of the Bahamas Out Islands the population is sparse so you are able to drive within a day from top to bottom and then back to where your lodging is. It is important to stop and inquire on your trip as there are many worthwhile visits. Remember this is the Bahamas "Take your time" and you will enjoy yourself.

John`s Recollections
This drive was great, from the top to the bottom and always close to the ocean. The small resort at the end of the video clip is somewhere that I really want to return to once more, however it may require two trips as I have as yet to locate an internet link.
Ah, just found, over a decade later.
Ah, again, no longer available!

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