Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

The drive thru this park must be taken if the opportunity arises, although there are warnings for those that may experience loss of breath due to the extreme heights associated with crossing the peaks. Many stops along the drive will allow for terrific views and picture taking. Crossing some of the Rockies from Estes Park takes several hours, especially when stopping to take pictures and breath that fresh air. Truly an exhilarating trip with that opportunity to go above the treelines.

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Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

The Story behind the picture
The increase in height on this drive up a portion of the Rocky Mountain range is quite noticeable so pay attention to well being. Several of our mini walks, at many of the rest stops along the way, had noticeable breath constraints due to the restrained concentration of air quality. Taking it at a slower rate made it much easier, however that was required. Views were fabulous with distances that seemed so much greater.  Do take time out, get out of the vehicle and breathe a very different air, quite clear from contamination, yet more difficult to obtain.

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