Pink Sand Beach - Eleuthra, Bahamas Out Islands (Superb)

The pink sand beach on Harbour Island is one of the best and is consistently rated in the Worlds Top 10. Fabulous beach, with pink sands & gentle waves where one can wade into the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of feet. This had to be the greatest beach that I have set foot on (at least from my perspective). The most beautiful color of sand, the gentleness of the slope, and the colors of waters that seemed go out for ever. Seeing others on horseback only added to the mystique.

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Pink Sand Beach - 
Eleuthra, Bahamas

The Story behind the picture

Here is a place where you could imagine that your dreams had been realized. Leaving footprints in the sand and having individuals infrequently riding by on horseback just  made you think you were in another world. Gentle waves brought in the Atlantic waters as if it was a giant bubble bath, and the pink sand beach with blue skies made this a postcard event. It was not until much later that I noticed the breakers some thousand yards from the shoreline, where they had approached the reefs and smoothed the waters closer to the beach to create this appearance.

John`s Comments
One of the most beautiful beaches on this planet. The pink sand and the gentle waves make this a spot that you could visit everyday. To me, this had to be the trip highlight of visiting the Bahama Out Islands, at Harbour Island, Eleuthra. It is hard to imagine a more perfect beach as it seemed to have everything: uncrowded, perfect sand, shallow waters, and miles of it. The overlooking bluffs had several lodging with beach frontage that provided guests that perfect vacation.

John`s Recollections
A beach that will not be forgotten. The pink sand is mesmorizing and you can wade so far out into the water. At times the water appeared to create a foam that is unlike what most would have seen. Walk for miles and you may see an occasional horseback rider or another couple walking by. You truly appear to be alone in paradise.

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