Grand Canyon - Arizona

My personal favorite, and likely the favorite of many. Views are exceptional and time should be taken to experience one of our greatest natural treasures. It is so easy just to sit on one of the benches provided for several minutes and feast upon the views in front of you. This is one natural attraction where one should not rush the experience.
Click Picture for Video ClipGrand Canyon - Arizona
The Story behind the picture

The words "Grand Canyon" do not really reflect how awesome a sight this is. First views normally are the favorites to many, however here that is not always so.  Have returned several times to the area and these
views and pictures from the south rim continue to stand out above all others. They take on a life of their own,  well beyond what is normally seen.  This is one place where you can sit yourself down, and just look at what is in front of you, and spend minutes or hours doing so without having any other movement other than the shadows on the canyon walls or the clouds above. 

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