Galveston Ferry Ride - Texas

Ferry ride into Galveston gives one a view of the Texas coasline, and allows for visualizing the damage that a direct hit by a major hurricane could cause. These pictures were taken prior to major hurricanes since year 2000 and it has been interesting to review pictures from before the damage.

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Galveston - Florida

The Story behind the picture
Actually on a very early baseball trip that finalized our completion of the 26 major league baseball teams (at that time), we took a bypass past Houston on our way to South Padre. Things have changed in this area now!

John`s Comments
Most of Americas` Oil is refined in this area and looking back now, one can visualise easily the extent of damages caused by the recent hurricanes.

John`s Recollections
This drive along the coastal roads near Galveston along with a ferry ride in the immediate area allowed one to see the flatness of the land and the amount of shipping in the Galveston harbor. It was nice to get off the expressways, sit back and watch the port activities in Galveston. State Road 87 allowed that access to the ferry from Port Bolivar.

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