Mahuffer`s Bar - Indian Shores

A bar like no others. Cement floors, dogs, cats, wooden beams and thousands of artifacts. It could take weeks to view everything but the conversations with visitors and locals will help to pass the time. If you are ever in the area, drop in, just to say hello, and to be able to tell others when you return home of a place like no other. Something to consider would be that they have live New Orleans Jazz several days on the weekend.

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Mahuffers - St. Petersburg, Florida

The Story behind the picture

   The first time you walk in here, you look around are quite sure it will be the last time also. The next time and with each succeeding next times you begin to say to yourself, this is comfortable for me, people are always friendly and conversations with others come from all walks of life. Definitely the appearance is something to talk about, but not really negative.

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