Savannah - Georgia

A very historic city with many parks. Love to return often and have one of the excellent shrimp baskets. Definitely one of our favorites and taking the trolley tour was a highlight as you can see and hear about many of the unique buildings and homes. We have often returned on our snowbird trips to have lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants that are adjacent to the cobblestone streets alongside the river. If you are fortunate enough to be in the area, take the time to visit one of our historic cities.

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Savannah - Georgia

The Story behind the picture

   First trips here were just because others mentioned it, but now we are hooked. Our return trips here have  always had that hate to leave feeling, just like the lady in the picture.  Was not that long before we took the trolley excursion in the historic area. Now we wish it had been sooner. What a history and seeing the many parks and homes in the area provides an additional reason to stop and enjoy. Shrimp is a favorite food and Savannah eateries along the river know how to deliver them. 

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