Saint Augustine - Florida

Will always be a favorite, as it has so many "cool" things to do. Walk the narrow streets, visit the fort, shop in exquisite stores, see the lighthouse. When we visit ( actually quite often ) some of our favorites are the artisan village, a unique cat shop ( wife`s preference ) and of course eating lunch or dinner at one of many fine restaurants. The fort and small width streets provide a real perspective in how life was lived 500 years ago. Plan on spending a day or two.

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St Augustine - Florida

The Story behind the picture

  Really believe that for me, this location was instrumental in my enjoying our historical past. How could people live where streets are so narrow that you would almost have to bump into your neighbor? Well for us, we have bumped into many others over the many times we have visited the area. History is part of our life and we now do not hesitate in viewing the past.

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