Plantation near New Orleans - Louisianna

Plantation near New Orleans shows slave quarters, grounds and tree-lined entrance. Immacutely kept up but with each step I realized that this was not the place that I agreed with. Inside the home, with it`s immaculate portrayal of wealth during those times, it also reminded me on how it was obtained. Very much a double edged sword, as one one hand I loved the architecture but on the other could not escape the question of why did this happen?

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Plantation - New Orlean, Louisianna

The Story behind the picture

Old Plantations seem to call you in. Is it that voice from the past, or the grandeur of the buildings & grounds, or the expansive wide open porches or the tree lined entrance roads, or even the movies that we grew up with?  Whatever, they have the ability to entice one for viewing, and remind us of the past and that is needed to change the future.

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