Mackinac Island - Michigan

A great mini vacation area. Rest and relaxation are made much easier without the modern day conveniences like motorized vehicles. Spent the night at St. Ignace and took the early morning ferry ride over for just a fantastic day. Lot of walking but there are bicycles, and even horse drawn carriages for those not able to move around easily. One of my favorite memories is walking to the centuries old grave yard on the top of the island, viewing the dates of those departed and then returning to the main downtown area by taking small pathways thru the heavily wooded forests. Just so quiet with nature all around you, and knowing that refreshments were just ahead.

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Mackinac Island - Upper Peninsula, Michigan

This whole island was made for walking or using one of the horse drawn carriages to explore. The town had many great hotels, all that were built many years prior, but still had that charm that they had presidents/royalty sleep in their beds. It reminded me of life as it once was with all the negativity removed. The quiet stillness of the woods as we walked the narrow paths brought peaceful thoughts. Comparisons to life today happened with each new sight. 

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